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in reference to actual trash, living in a "throw-away" nonspecial, wasteful kind of fashion; a common side effect of modern western living. to live bearing a deeper sense of dissatisfaction, sometimes spiritual, emotional, intellectual

includes inelegant, unenriched kinds of things: junk food, having empty sex, reading celebrity gossip, being drawn to tacky unnecessary products, bright adverts.

to lack appreciation and understanding of deeper beauty, if something is of bad taste and lacks modesty or a refined aesthetic then something is cheap, TRASHY
plastic is the most trashy material

" the fake gold door knobs and the glossy varnished wood and the overbright colours and the plastic flooring is so fucking trashy "

wordart is trashy as fuck

nature is never trashy, the design of nature has serious depth
by fkkroundabout March 26, 2012
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