A person, usually who has attempted to dress in an appealing manner but has instead gained the opposite reaction; A person whose appearance is exceedingly unattractive.
Gretchen: Did you see what Sara's wearing today?
Regina: OMG yes, trashy fish.
by 4Ling February 10, 2014
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A husband who is not good looking and mooches off his wife's money.
Kiki: I make all the money! Why don't you work.
Husband: I'm busy gamingleave me alone!
Kiki: Ugh!
Husband: *quietly plays games*
Kiki: You're such a trashy husband!
by Melodic Keys August 9, 2017
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--trashy little trampy (anything, nouns, pronouns)
--trashy little trampy earth (anything, nouns, pronouns)
--add trashy little trampy first and add any noun

---trashy little trampy earth (heart, eyes, ears, mouth, mind, path, connection, music, computer, magazine, etc.)
Dramarama, "Anything, Anything"
trashy little trampy (anything)
trashy little trampy soul mind

trashy little trampy earth mind

Everything is a trashy little trampy earth (something (noun) )
by blthrskt November 26, 2009
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I am now known as a trashy little whore. Someone who likes takeout and movies. Definitely is ghetto.
"The girl you are seeing is a trashy little whore." - my s.o.'s mom
by trashylittlewhore May 1, 2019
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A person who is a absolutely stunning girl but is sadly a furry and needs to be out down
Person:who is that gorgeous woman?
Person2: oh she’s a trashy mashy you don’t want her
Person:ohhhhh okay
by Co-owner of your mom March 13, 2022
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You’re pussy is so wack you can’t keep a man and no one likes you.
Said persons bf left them bc they are trashy pussy
by Bessie2682 May 19, 2022
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Beyond comprehension of the average rich person.

Throwing up money.
I want to start a pharmaceutical and biotech firm.

So you want to be trashy rich?
by El Korro October 10, 2019
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