The man who is legendary in bed, can charm anyone for anything that makes him happy, tattoos and sexy af body with style too. Loves his woman and her only.
by TrashyWhitesWifey August 13, 2021
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A girl that wears clothes too small for a 3 year old and expects a dick in her mouth
by Brickthroughthewindie November 12, 2015
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Someone having no class or morals before it was cool. Such as dating someone for a rzr or other offroad style vehicle, not needing an ID to get into a strip club due to the amount of frequent visits, shopping at rainbow, or spending the majority of your free time either at the bar or hugging your bathtub faucet for pleasure.
Matt- "Suhhhh dude, your the original trashy, come ride my rzr"

Meighan- "takes off panties okay!! I won't need these where I'm going"
by actionpowersports March 7, 2016
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When you're not desperate loser trashy, but you're not exactly popular trashy.
Omg Gurl, we are just too Upper Class Trashy
by fudgepopsicles May 11, 2016
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