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you actually use a trash bag in place of a condom, taping said bag around your throbbing manhood and waking up the next morning realizing you are both a legend and a loser at the exact same moment
When i walked in, Dan was trash-bagging her.
by The Bag Man September 16, 2005
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verb. To have a girl give you oral sex, even though you are not interested in her, finish in her mouth, make sure she swallows and to gently send her away. Can also be used as Trashbagged.
1. I didn't find any attractive girls at the party but I went trashbagging on this girl that was into me. 2. I trashbagged this Ho that was all over me.
by RHP4 January 04, 2011
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The act when a man inserts his own testicles into his own anus or someone elses. The etymology being taken from the concept of tea-bagging however in this circumstance the reference to trash connotes the dirtiness of shit.
Did you see the video where the guy trash-bagged himself?
Do you enjoy trash-bagging
by EliThomas July 13, 2012
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A game that involves cutting a face-hole in a 55 gal trash bag and crouching down inside the bag (to look like trash) in a driveway or on a porch. The object of the game is to frighten residents, trick-or-treaters, or unsuspecting pizza delivery guys.
"We went trash-bagging at some friends' houses"
by Dot January 04, 2005
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