be genetically improved or enhanced
That soldier is so strong because he's a transgenic, he's genetically enhanced.
by Tidus971 October 14, 2011
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A Genticly engineered life form or one which has been geniticly altered.
by NetFreak April 25, 2005
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Equivalent to toxic masculinity but specific to Trans persons who express a dislike or hatred of Men or Women who identify as Super Straight.
Partaking in a smear campaign against Super Straight Men and Women is classic Toxic Transgenity.
by South London and Proud March 9, 2021
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'Transgen' is a contemporary phenomenon that occurs due to the co-existence of multiple generations within the same time period. Due to this phenomenon, individuals are forced to use and adapt to various tools at various times of the day in order to successfully communicate with others (ex. the medium through which one interacts with a 20 year old intern versus the medium through which one interacts with a 60 year old co-worker).

When 'transgen' is used as a descriptive noun, it's form is 'transgenner'. A 'transgenner' is an individual who acts outside of their designated generation (ex. a 60 year old man downloading and actively using snapchat or a 20 year old listening to old vinyl records).
Yvette: You're 28 years old and you still don't know how to use the front facing filters on snapchat?

Trey: I'm a transgenner; stop categorizing me and show me to use them!
by PinkiandtheBrain March 4, 2017
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