something tacky
something ugly
big and boorish
Her brass earings were so fucking gawdy, where did she get them annual the trailer park flea market?
by Sabertooth nigga December 1, 2004
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To think or act highly of self

High Caliber
One in gods image but of gods son
you seen how gawdy I looked after I recieved that award ?

That guy is top of his class; he’s gawdy .
by MadoffBins November 22, 2021
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Something that is slick or flashy.

OH word, that is one gawdy-ass pimp cane
by CK (Crypt Killa) January 11, 2007
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Raw ass cheeks caused by improper cleansing followed by strenuouis activity. Often assotiated with Swamp Ass or other afflictions of excess ass moisture.
The lumberjack had gawdy butt after the rain soaked his overalls.
by Echo Da Wizz March 5, 2009
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