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In *SOME* Hispanic cultures, tranky derives from "tranquil". It just means "to take a chill pill" "calm down" or otherwise, although it has been known to mean a particularily slutty individual. (Are you happy? I included it!)
Heyyy, calm down- get tranky, will ya?
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf February 14, 2005
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A gal in her teens or twenty's who dresses overly slutty and acts the same. She usually shows mooseknuckle and wears low cut jeans to show her belly button. A cross between trashy and stanky.
Joe was checking out women at the mall when he noticed a tranky little hoe trolling her camel toe for all to see.
by Shane December 29, 2003
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A young woman between the teens and twenty's who dresses slutty. A cross between "trashy" and "stanky" = tranky.
A gal who shows camel toe, wears low cut jeans that hug the butt, shows her belly button and wears too much make-up in a suggestive way. The way she acts is also a consideration.
Joe was busy checking out the girls at the mall when this cute little twenty something stolled by trolling for stank. He gazed at her camel toe and mooseknuckle and said "Damn, she's tranky".
by Shane December 29, 2003
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the combination of skanky, trashy, and tacky all rolled into one. Can also be used as a noun to describe a girl that is all of the above.
that new clothes line at Sears is so tranky.
This trank was looking at me with the evil eye and staring me down.
by melba tostada September 17, 2011
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