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Intoxicated to the point of literally becoming the liquor.
I was so traithed last night I think I might have made love to my cat.

That guy isn't homeless, he's just a traith.
by sw33tch33ks May 11, 2013
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Another name for 3 when said in Spanish with a lithp. Usually known for giving albinos blowjobs and being the stupidest bitch ever.
Traith went to the movies and sucked a retards cock. She is now going out with Fobio because she cant get any other guy.
by Jesus hated bald pussy November 01, 2004
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A quantity amounting to three in number. Relating to or being three in conjunction.
Baith cunts wir gettin wide then their wideo mate turned up and all traith cunts started padgering the wee fucker
by Radgistan August 20, 2008
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