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tracee is a thick really pretty girl who tends to date a lot of people several people like her she loves drama but hates being in it she always knows every bodys gossip people love tracee but she dosen't really love people all that much she has a few freinds who get her and she loves them but other than that she is not really a people person but over all she is a sweet pretty girl who breaks all her exes hearts one by one.
tracee is a baddie
by _gossip_girl_ July 19, 2018
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Often misunderstood, Tracee has a good heart but is affected by all around her. She is diplomatic yet honest, and very courageous in the face of adversity. She speaks up when things are wrong and gets grief for it from the masses.
Tracee is a strong willed kinda girl, with attitude
by Urban educator July 29, 2019
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A very cool party girl but has a attitude at times. She is a lightskin with dark brown hair.she doesn't know how to keep her cool and sometimes her anger turns into tears. Has 2 homes. 1 with her parent and other with her grandma. She can't stand her stepsister,but deep down she loves her. Tracee is full of lies and talks to many older "men". Knows lots of people but some of them are fake to her. She gets into fights and never wins.

"Is that tracee?"
"Oh yeah, thats that hoe that stole my man"
Tracee is loved and belives in god but sometimes dont follow his rules
by Mainbish3311 July 01, 2014
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