A son of a bich that you can find on evry game. Basicly when he loses a game his reply is: "small dick small dick small dick". Its a pretty exotic spiece and it realy sucks
This is example yes: "damn man last week i let my teammate die cuz he was a toxic kid and he just spamed dickhead like 25 FUCKING TIMES
by Igotsilver69 May 16, 2020
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These people hang out on
Xbox 360 game chat
*toxic kids these fucking days*
by Questionforgodwhy March 19, 2021
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Usually somebody to ages between six through nine screaming at their mic because they lost a game of Fortnite and also hating many other games such as Minecraft and being annoying as hell.
That Toxic Kid Fortnite Gamer is so annoying.
by h e l p m e April 30, 2021
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fucking retards that yell git gud at the game nub ez claps when they kill you
toxic cod kids that are fucking retards that yell git gud at the game nub ez claps
by ez claps muttafucka git gud February 15, 2022
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A kid who wasted their money on a headset just to play a gorilla game and hates it when he loses and becomes toxic because he’s new
by May 21, 2022
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Toxic Kids are mostly found on fps/pvp games, they call everyone "Noob" while they probably don't even know what Noob means, they say "ez XD" everytime, they are likely to have terrible English and overuse caps in their messages, when you do something to them they'll get mad and fuck the whole chat, most of them have terrible usernames

Player: Fuck off retard
by BaconInspect May 12, 2022
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A kid on the internet trying to get popular by killing fictional characters or by tracing and saying that they can draw better than you
by Xeridavinci October 11, 2022
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