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The club a woman joins when she manages to fill all 6 of her holes at once. That would be her mouth, ass, vag, cupped hand 1, cupped hand 2, and her pushed together breasts.
Monica was so pleased when Brian and his 5 buddies penetrated her 6 holes at once to make her a member of the touchdown club.
by minac999 September 13, 2011
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When a man with a dark handlebar mustache takes a splooge shot to the face and the white cum mixes with the mustache to appear like a suzy-q (the pastry).

Slight variation is when in the cold the cum freezes to the handlebar mustaches creating a frozen suzy-q.
Wyatt pulled out of Doc's mouth just in time to blow into his mustache and give the man a suzy-q.
by minac999 May 06, 2010
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