Furry1: rtfyjhjyfythyyrthtyht
yh grtsggrtgrtgrtgtr: grtgtrgtrgtrhtrg
drff: grfgtrgtrg5re
: top
via giphy
by XXX_SIn sexman_XXX February 03, 2021
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A word used to describe a person who is dominant in the bedroom.
Person 1: "You cant tell me Jade West from Victorious isn't a top"
Person 2: "Maybe thats why she broke up with Beck."
by GenderfluidPansexual July 12, 2020
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kaylin is a top

jeez i wish i was a top like kaylin
by okwedonotcarel December 20, 2020
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Short for β€žthat’s on periodtβ€œ, meaning something like 'not up for debate' or '100% true'. Phrase preferrably used by girls and gays. Often used in combination with a particular hand movement as seen in the GIF, indicating thereβ€˜s no other way but death.
Girl 1: I love Nicki Minaj, she the queen of rap.
Girl 2: She woke up and chose facts, Top!
Girl 1: Wow gurl, u so beautiful today, miss thinggg.
Girl 2: Top bitch!
by chanelgangsheet June 27, 2021
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