Term of endearment roughly equivalent to baby.

Note: Only applicable if you live in a black and white movie.
Him: Hiya, toots, whaddya say we blow this joint and head over to the speakeasy?
Her: And how!
by -Al- May 8, 2008
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derogatory or pet name used for a woman, i.e. dame, broad, babe, skoit, sweetie. However, the word comes from the candy- "Tootsie Roll." The name "Tootsie" is short for Tutankhamen, the King of Egypt during the XVIII Dynast. The Tootsie Roll is also sometimes given the racist pseudonym "nigger-roll"- which is obviously horrible- however unknowingly accurate since the candy is already a euphemism for this.
"Hey toots, come take a look at this shit I left in the toilet!"
by Aron Taylor January 12, 2005
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Another name for the Seattle Seahawks dubbed when 49ers player, Joe Staley's daughter Grace, created a poster declaring the Seahawks to be "toots".
49ers Fan: Damn...We're playing the Seahawks again next week.
Other 49ers Fan: Man, fuck them toots.
by Ragdaddy December 1, 2019
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a person, usually a woman, who has great difficulty controlling the arms (especially hands - gripping, holding, clasping) and legs
"who smashed all the fucking crockery?"

by Das Fox February 12, 2012
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1) A girl who rudely farts (or sharts) in her pants in a repetitive fashion.

2) The name given to any girl who is so unsuccesful that they convince themselves that their entire life is a lie and thus projects this onto every person around her.

3) A word also synonomous with slut or skank.
-That girl just farted in class, what a TOOTS.
-Shes just pullin a TOOTS again lying about all these scholarships.
-That girl took it in the face, shes a TOOTS.
by toots19 May 27, 2009
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