A word used to describe an individual, object, place or event that is so awesome that the word awesome is an insufficient adjective.
Wow, that concert was so tooks!

Oh my word, you are TOOKS!

I got the most tooks email today.

I want to go somewhere really tooks when I'm on leave.
by TOOKSme January 21, 2011
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A word meaning fuck in the form of the word sex. Created by Roark Xanthos.
"Ay, took ya mutha, bitch!"
by Ya mudda March 01, 2008
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The act of being taken (away)
How you would act if told upsetting news
Getting ripped off
Past temse of steal
I was took by that statement

That bitch was cheating on me. I was took
when I found out

That nigga took all my weed

How'd ya get that shit yo. I took that shit
from this punk mua fucka down tha street.
Ya dig?
by SaCkInYoUrMoUtH May 11, 2010
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The canadian word for beanie. When said to a canadian person in America it could mean: dick face, fuck face, bitch, bastard, douche, dochebag, dick, prick, get the fuck out of America, and to have butt sex with a candian's mom.
I wore a took to school.
I tooked your mom
Hey you have a took face
Your like a big bag of tooks
Hey, took and go back to Canada
by Miminew November 11, 2007
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