a person that's loved by everyone has a heart will do anything for anybody best friend ever will put a smile on your face will make your worse day better goes out her way better u get a tonya she is rare
Tanya is cool but tonya is better
by one in a million May 31, 2017
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A person with a caring soul and sarcastically funny mouth, Beautiful inside and out, always taking care of others is who she is, she believes family is everything, someone you definitely want on your team always
Tonya is caring
by Twina1977 December 5, 2019
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A individual that puts everyone before herself. She sees the good in everyone and tends to get screwed over because of this. It does not matter how many times she is hurt she will always love and care for everyone. She has the heart and innocents of a child! Tonya is someone you want as a friend! She is genuine and honest.
I can't believe Tonya is even talking to her after she screwed her over like that!
by Truth80 March 6, 2016
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The most amazing, beautiful being I have ever met. Her eyes and smile light up the room and radiate warmth straight into your heart. She tries to be kind to everybody equally, even if you do not deserve her kindness. She is a hard worker, and takes on the world on her own. She doesn't realize just how much she is worth, but this priceless woman deserves the world served to her on a platter. Everybody in her life relies on her for a reason, cause she gets it done in every manner possible. She is superwoman or superman, which ever she prefers. Her magnetic personality draws people to her, so beware of crazy stalkers Tonya.
I have to find the perfect gift for Tonya, she deserves it. After all look at everything she does for everybody else, including myself. I love her, she is the best.
by Diosadelsol February 3, 2010
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an awesome person that is very kind and friendly to anyone and everyone. will go out of their way to help you out even if it means they somehow get screwed over. bubbly and cheerful, this person will brighten your day and make you thankful you got out of bed just for the opportunity to experience the wonderfullness they bring to your life.
joe: hey, how's your day been?

john: well, it really sucked.......til i saw Tonya.......now i'm having the best day ever!!

by rubberduckie97 August 30, 2008
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The name for the best person on the world that you'd ever know. She's fun to talk to, and she would be there for you in a heart beat. She is also the type of person you'd want to get to know and be best of friends with. She's insanely awesome and amazing. You'd be glad you even got out of bed on a bad day because she'd make your day. She'll always be the best person to go to, and you can trust her, most likely. She is spontaneous and exciting. It would be hard not to love this person.
Jayce is so cool and fun to hangout with, but Tonya is even more amazing. I love her.
by OhShitItsMeeeee December 24, 2009
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A brilliant writer, one who plucks prose out of thin air to uplift and make you feel less alone in a cold world. An animal lover, and very giraffe like, she is gorgeous, slender, and have tattoos and markings on her body that distinguish her to stand out in a majestic fashion. Her connection with her own spirit, and that spirits resiliency is unparalleled. A cinefile who loves to enjoy herself, but will also pick the film apart if it ain’t up to snuff. An ocean baby who loves to paddle out past the breakers and ride the rip curl into shore. She celebrates her victories by twerking like a pro, and let it be known, Tonya is also a person who loves to fart.
Never thought I’d meet a girl like Tonya
by 480milesaway November 24, 2021
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