Nickname for the Thompson submachine gun - an automatic firearm with a distinctive drum magazine and verical foregrip.

The Tommy gun is best known for being the weapon of choice of Prohibition-era gangsters, but it was also used extensively during WWII.
Jimmy the Finger got a mouthful of lead from a Tommy gun.

Back in the war, my granddad used his Tommy gun in the trenches of Normandy.
by Tronno May 03, 2005
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A Thompson .45 ACP callibur submachine gun. With a large, heavy round, it is extremly powerful at close ranges, however is notoriously inaccurate at long rages. It compensates for this with a very high rate of fire. Can be loaded via a 30 round stick magazine or a 50 round drum feeder, and magazines are commonly stored in 9 clip vests. It utilizes a barral grip, trigger handle and a wooden stock. Due to it's high preformance and relitive simplicity, it is used widly by mobster and mafia (exspecialy in 1930's New York) but was also mas preduced as a reliable weapon in World War Two.
The young American officer sprayed with his Tommy Gun at the group of Gerrys.
by Mark T. July 22, 2005
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Actual name: Thompson submachine gun. It is a .45 caliber weapon firing at about 600-900 rounds per minute. The normal size for the ammo in WWII was a 230 grain bullet. These were just plain full metal jacket bullets, not hollow points. You couold get a wide variety of magazines/drums for your thompson: You could get 20 or 30 rounds stick magazines, and you could also get 50, 75, or 100 round drums. Many poeople loved these drums even though they made the Thompson about 7 pounds heavier, for a grand total of almost 17 pounds. To just look at the weapon, you wouldn't think it could weight that much, but it's just a big chunk of steal. This also helped with recoil.
by Glock_Man June 07, 2006
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Named after the Thompson sub-machine gun, it's a slang term used to describe someone masturbating until the ejaculation of blood. Can be used as a noun or verb.
1.In sixth grade, Mr. Young convinced Tom to pull a tommy gun.
2.The next day, Tom couldn't skate because he was too busy tommy gunning.
by Tyred December 18, 2005
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A sexual term described as when a woman rapidly shoves her boobs, one boob after the other, into a mans face.
She tommy gunned his face during marital sexual intercourse.
by December 01, 2020
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Name given to a selection of automatic weapons that used cases of bullets; primitive magazines.
by Gumba Gumba March 16, 2004
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