Inserting an unsolicited opinion into a conversation.
"Why'd you tomlin my convo, yo?"
by Ravenous128 December 3, 2013
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Illegally or unethically obstructing someone from achieving their goal either by physically or figuratively getting in their way.

Synonyms: cock blocking, torpedoing, sniping
Mike Tomlin, coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, stood too far over on the sidelines and prevented a player from the Baltimore Ravens from making a touchdown that would've put the game away thereby creating the act of Tomlining

One of my co-workers tomlined me by bad mouthing me to my boss just when I was about about to get promoted.

Kanye West tried to tomlin Taylor Swift at the Grammys.
by Tenacious Faulker December 1, 2013
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Consistent history of coaching a team to play down to an obvious lesser opponent only to find themselves on the losing end of the game, while the fans are left questioning what just happened.
Dec 27 2015 the surging Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5) played the slumping Balitmore Ravens (4-10) to clinch a playoff spot only to be Tomlined.
by TheWorldAsISeeIt January 11, 2016
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Mike Tomlin is a character played by Omar Epps on the popular television series known as the "NFL". Mike Tomlin is an American football head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Guy 1: Wow, I didn't know Mike Tomlin won a Super Bowl.

Guy 2: No, you're mistaken. Mike Tomlin is just a fictional character. He is really Omar Epps.
by rbarazan February 28, 2010
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Describable none other than a very thing and wirey man, probably the spawn of J. Edgar Hoover with Cromwellian tendencies of stamping out opposing views on mock exams, his handling of the staff and ultimately his ability to effectively control the pandemic. He's long given up the stakeout, the binoculars and the wire taps in favour of installing more cameras right outside the s-block to prevent misdemeanors from the students and the subsequent microphones in the cameras to prevent criticism of him. Some never return. The more criticizing of him the discussion topic is, the crueler his Xi Jinping-like tactics and his iron fist becomes. His past is riddled with rejection, depression, lack of a 20 grand kitchen (with an island in the middle), lack of a 17 grand silver ford fiesta, inability to properly cover up his oppressive tactics or maintain friendships. This arena or "school" is precisely the drug he need to fulfill his illusions of grandeur and the taste of power over others. Oppose him and his secret police consisting of Swaffer, Mulligan and Brooker will silence you quickly and effectively. Avoid him at all costs and find real humans to talk to.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Ashley Tomlin?"
Person 2: "No?"
Person 1 *Gets assassinated by Swaffer*
by awootism1212121 November 13, 2020
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One of the most amazing christian musicians out there to date, only rivaled in his musical genre and audiance by TobyMac and MercyMe
wow, Chris Tomlin totally dominated soulfest.
by soulfestluver August 8, 2011
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