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What pizza is called in Trenton, NJ. A lot of people in New Jersey consider Delorenzo's Tomato Pies the best pizza in New Jersey, and therefore the entire country. It's located in the famous Chambersburg secion
But I think anybody who reads Janet Evanovich knows that already. If you go to Delorenzo's, you'll be sure you saw Stephanie Plum, or you'll think you did cuz you saw a few big haired Jersey Girls
by Federalq2b March 04, 2005
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1. A sicilian style pizza that has no cheese baked on, but is usually topped with grated parmesian cheese and served cold. It is very delicious and is known to be indigenous to the north-eastern United States.

2. Also called "Pizza Pie"
Southerners don't know what tomato pie is... maybe the concept is a little too hard to grasp. What? No cheese? Except for the select southerners who while upstate bring enough back to covet it and feed themselves on it for a year.
by Parry Jane March 03, 2007
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(noun) A pizza in which the cheese is under the sause, although the term is often applied to pizza without cheese at all (That's not the accurate use of the term, but who really cares?)
"I'm allergic to cheese... I'll just have a tomato pie."
by Merry-um Winthrop March 15, 2004
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