the most sexiest man in the world and the most amazing personality anyone could ever dream of
"tomari is so amazing"
by karl14828 August 21, 2020
Tomari is a sweet, caring and a loving girl she will do anything nice for a person she likes to have fun and party and hang out with her friends but don’t get her wrong don’t make her mad or her nice side will go away and her bad side will come she is loyal and trustworthy you can tell her anything and she want say anything to anyone about it she is a very pretty girl likes to flirt and can pull anybody cause she just that pretty she doesn’t get it from her momma she gets it from her dad everybody likes to hang around her she is shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is so crazy and funny
Dang Tomari your so funny!
by Tomari October 7, 2019