And incredibly beautiful Mexican woman.
That girl is such a tomali.
by M3NACE April 19, 2011
A phrase used when one does not know how to spell "tamale" correctly.
(conversation via IM)
A: What's a hot tomali?
B: I donno. Do you mean tamale?
A: Oh... yeah, I guess.
B: Well, a tamale is a Mexican food made of cornmeal & lard, with typically a pork filling. A "hot tamale" can be a spicy cinnamon candy. Or it could be a reference to someone appealing to the eye.
A: Man I'm an idiot.
B: I know.
by mexican food March 30, 2010
A metaphorical term used by the judges on the Fox reality TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” which suggests a dancer that performs at a high level and exhibits an element of “hot and sexiness” in their routine should be riding this imaginary vehicle.
Nigel: "I think you did very well. If you're not riding the Hot Tomali Train tonight, you're certainly on the platform."
by the hot sauce March 26, 2010
A special kind of vegetable, found in Asia. Extremely healthy to support the immune system.
Red hot mollie tomali is often used as ingredient for medicine.
by BrinX77 July 7, 2010
When you eat a girl out and she has period and you have blood all over your face. You are a herb if you do this.
Man #1 I got a Red hot mollie tomali today from my girl
Man #2 Dude thats mad gross.
Man #1 Idc
by Jay Co March 21, 2005