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An absolute legend of the world! one who works 15 hour days and gets cunted during the night!
Mandem1- "oi fam you seen Thome recently"

Mandem2 - "Yeah fam manz finished work,m got cunted and got some girls yatty on his boat"

Mandem1 - "What a chefmanz"
by FOX! November 14, 2011

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Where when playing Fantasy Football you have terrible score thus having a mega meltdown.
Dave “Hey did you see I only got 8 points this week in fantasy football, what an absolute shit show”

James “Oh fuck mate you proper Dempo’d It”

Dave “Dempo’d it hard”
by FOX! July 05, 2020

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A term used in Fantasy Football when pressing the wrong buttons and making a massive mistake.
Dave “Hey man you see I transferred all my players out and lost my wildcard”

James “Yeah, such an idiot. You proper Wiggy’d it”

Dave “Ah man”
by FOX! February 15, 2020

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When someone passes some kind of alcohol or drug up, and gives it to you.
"Do you want that last Bud Light?"
"To your head."
by fox! June 14, 2007

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