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To reserve a seat (usually for your friend who will be arriving shortly) by placing your bag or jacket on it.
Verb: to bags
past tense: bagsed

Predominantly used by school children, especially on school bus, to stake a claim on the seat beside them for the friend who will board at the next stop.
Seated at the crowded coffee house, I placed my carrier bag on the chair opposite me.

Presently, a polite young man came up placed his hand on the vacant chair and said, "Excuse me, are you using this chair?"

To which I responded, "Sorry, mate, I've bagsed it for my girlfriend."
"No worries!" he replied.
Or at a dormitory... "I bags the bottom bunk by the door!" In which case you immediately place your bag on your bunk to secure ownership.
Can be used to lay claim for anything on offer, if there is a queue, or lack of provisions or something of limited supply, where there is rivalry. (whereby you, or your absent friend may miss out, if you fail to bags it for them).
by jujickson January 23, 2014
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