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by Kevin January 16, 2005
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“Ball-Sac Polisher” (or “BSP”) is both a noun and verb: it refers to a man who worships a scratch golfer or blue-blood regardless of his character; as well as his actions. The BSP will seek the opinion of the most clueless scratch player or blue-blood over that of an imminent authority on any subject at all including engineering, science, medicine and astrophysics; he will buy unlimited drink and food for a scratch player or blue-blood in return for no more than an acknowledgement of existence, smile, nod or look of approval, without any expectation or possibility of reciprocation. A BSP is akin to a lapdog, sidekick, chump or loser.

BSP is a term of art coined in the 1990’s by a doctor in Troy, NY, who noticed that many newly admitted public employment and other working class members to the city’s country club (admitted when the economy caused the once exclusive country club to essentially be a quasi-public course) would do anything just to obtain the slightest acknowledgment or glance of approval from a scratch player or long-standing blue-blood member. Scratch players and blue-bloods at The CC of Troy have accepted the adoration and offerings of the BSP so eagerly that their symbiotic relationship has established the prevalent culture at that club, and a precedent for many others, which exists to this day.
"Johnny is such a ball-sac polisher."

"Here comes Phil, followed by his entourage of obsequious BSPs."

"John wouldn't be such a bad guy if he wasn't always ball-sac polishing that untalented hack.
by Hip Eponymous January 14, 2015
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person that has brown frekles on their ball sac.
WO look at simsy has a frekley ball sac its outta control how hot.
by joel sims September 25, 2006
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the flap of skin that contains my nuts! It's very hairy and itches a lot.
hey Riley what are you doing? Itching my ball sac what does it look like!?
by rileypeterson May 3, 2010
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A butterscotch ball sac is the term used to describe when one man, not necessarily a homosexual, urinates upon another man's ball sac then begins suckling on it until the first man ejaculates dryly.
Hey man, I'll give you a butterscotch ball sac if you buy me lunch.
by Yvonne Baton July 13, 2010
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An individual who acts stupid and randomly does stupid things at work or at home. A total idiot who will never be normal.
did u see how many rivits he put on that roof? What a ball bag sacs!
by bowlwievel November 18, 2016
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