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tmo shit- maxthademon
by osamabinbradley September 14, 2020
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short for "tomorrow". originally only used online by the kind of person who writes like "wut ^" but it expanded and now is said in everyday real life conversation and frequently used by people who type like an actual intellegent person online.

prounced "tee-moe"
example 1:"hi sup gurl w4nna hand owt tmo?!!!!@1one"
example 2:"hey, what's up? let's hang out tmo!"
by gracieeee October 12, 2007
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"Then a Miracle Occurs..."
An abbreviation used ito simplify a mathematical problem when one's too lazy or clueless to think of the actual justification.
- Question Nr. 5 - Show mathematically that mass and energy are equivalent.

"Um, lets see,

E = 0.5mv^2

m = F/a = Ft /s^2

So E = 0.5Ft/s^2*v^2


Hence E = mc^2

Yep, sounds fine to me."
by luonaifu November 8, 2009
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Short for Topless Make Out. (Coined in the novel CUBICLE COWBOY by Jeff Metzger.)
"No, I didn't sleep with her, just enjoyed a TMO."
by Jack Duluoz April 8, 2007
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Acronym for Turn Me On as used in text messaging.
*Talks sensually* ...TMO baby.
by Edangthoo March 20, 2018
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A slightly altered version of IMO standing for That's My Opinion.
by Baer XIII December 11, 2008
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Short for "Total Mad Ownage"

see "Total Mad Ownage"

You got Tmo'd

I TMO you
by Iverson January 3, 2003
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