Abbreviation of Taekwondo, which is Korean for "The way of the hand and foot." When taekwondo is referred to as "TKD," it is usually by those who think of the martial art as a sport, which is a perversion of the original intent of its creators.

Although taekwondo is powerfull in the hands of those who use it correctly, those who treat the martial art as a game generally miss much of the things that this art has to offer. They are the ones that say "you don't want to mess with me, I'm a black belt!" or the ones that care more about rank than actually learning anything. By no means are all those who practice the art of taekwondo like this, though.
TKD guy: "It's so good that they put TKD in the onlympics! Now I can bodachagee people on live television!"
Taekwondo guy: "So what? What does it prove when you kick somone in the face? That you can kick harder? Does it really make you any better?"
by Ninja guy March 23, 2007
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taekwondo. the most sperior martial art in the world. kungfu is just a messy dance.
by unknown September 6, 2003
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Also known as Tae Kwon Do it is a foolish and inneffective martial art that also happens to be the largest in America. TKD is not effective and should not be taken seriously.
Bob had a black belt in TKD and was beaten to a bloody pulp by a 6 year old girl.
by World War Cheese September 24, 2006
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TKD is an abbreviation for "Taking a dump"
While many often use this abbreviation to mean Tae Kwon Do, they are mistaken. When someone tells you they are going to TKD for an hour of practice, now you know what they are really doing for that hour of 'practice'
AssaultedCracker1: Im going to take my TKD classes, ttyl dude
Demosthenes425: Hahahaha, have fun dude.
Demosthenes 425: Hope it comes out easy
AssaultedCracker1: What?
Demosthenes425: Nothing... good luck
by Bob Sage April 18, 2007
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Manager: Bro! You waited too long to close that deal.

Agent: Sorry boss, I thought they were on the hook.

Manager: C'mon, man. You know TKD!
by In it to win it July 30, 2018
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Anja Tkd is a balkan tiktoker that says n-word and kurči se on tiktok. She is also famous as Pašteta.
“Who is anja tkd?”
My idol, she says nword too🥰”
by gipsyyy December 31, 2021
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A gamer and a youtuber which is a gamer also known as gamer and a gamer 😂
by Tkd gamer November 24, 2021
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