Titin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the TTN gene. Titin is a giant protein that functions as a molecular spring which is responsible for the passive elasticity of muscle.
Titin is also the longest word in English language, it has 189,819 letters in total.
Teacher: Class, spell Titin.
Student: You mean that 5 letter word?
Teacher: No the full name!
Student: But that's 189,819 letters long!
Teacher: STFU and do it, get it wrong and get an hour detention for the rest of your school days here!
by Dr.Bsc March 24, 2013
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Basically the best gal you will ever meet. God must have spent a little more time with this gal. Meeting her is like meeting heaven. She's beautiful, charming, sweet, funny, intelligent, and very talented. Just her smile can melt your heart. Her voice can make you forget your worries, just thinking about her would wanna make you smile. You'd be the luckiest guy alive if you get to meet Titin.
I've finally found my Titin! i can die happy!--
by BaybehDadeehh January 02, 2011
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A girl who is Elegant, Sweet, Mysterious, Fun, Kitten-like, Ambitious, and most of all.....HOT!
Girl you are so Titin!
by Kristin (This is my nickname) December 01, 2004
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A retarted whale that can't swim. A professional asswiper, that cleans with so much percision and perfection. A loser at most, someone who believes that they will make it in life, but doesn't really have any fucking clue to what their life will end up like.
Man this dude is such a titin, come one grow up already.
by Micheal Jamm August 06, 2009
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I large protein made by TTN gene TTN provides information and instructions to make protein they are Titin it plays an important role it uses movement(skeletal muscles) also in the heart (cardiac)
muscle it contains spring-like region so your muscles can stretch.
A strong protein called titin it is very important
by Rare words March 28, 2021
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A giant protein proteins are a mashing up names of chemicals making them so since tit-in is teh largest protein it has 189,819 letters it is the longest word in the whole entire earth
A large portions of protein it is the largest protein that lived titin is also a very very very long word
by Rare words March 28, 2021
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Where a guy can't stop staring at a girls boobs while she's trying to talk to him or being traumatized by the sight of titties.
Dang Tim you were titinized real hard.
by yasisaidit February 09, 2014
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