An infamous user on Wikipedia who enjoys destroying other people's work (especially pages about episodes of any television series)
Let's see what that episode was about, too late, TTN got to it.
by MrEvers December 17, 2007
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An acronym standing for "Time to Nut." The time it takes for a guy to bust his nut when having sex, usually timed in minutes.
"Wow, jerking off really helped me increase my TTN by at least 10 minutes while having sex with Veronica last night."
by johnny_s September 26, 2008
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Used in Bahrain as a written expression for the sound of cars honking to the rhythm of the Arabic protest chant for "Down with (King) Hamad" (Arabic:يسقط حمد, yasqut Hamad).

Term originated in 2011 during pro-democracy protests against the monarchy in Bahrain following 14th-feb-2011.
The sound of tn tn ttn was deafening at yesterday's protest!
by YasqutHamad October 24, 2011
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Shordy you should Ttn

That’s them ttn Boys
by TTN CEI August 04, 2020
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TTN is a shorter way of saying “throw the neck “ which is giving head
“Yo I’m really tryna TTN tonight
by Ayyooe June 30, 2019
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