tuna tip occurs after several hours of love making usually in the morning .
wow last night was amazing sweetie 8 hours straight damn im sore ive got to pee .... well smells like i got tuna tip honey time for a shower .
by slick over weight willy August 15, 2014
The japs eye, the bit of the penis piss and jizz comes out.
Was wanking real hard looking at the smeg tip, it winked and next thing I jizzed in my eye.
by Lord Gannet V March 16, 2020
The syringe an IV drug addict wants and uses that has a long gauge.
Person 1: “Do you have any new tools?”
Person 2: “Yeah, and I’ve got those long tip ones, which work better on me.
by Ninjarina88 February 1, 2022
When the waitress hands you the bill and the tip starts at 18% and ends at 25%. You feel guilty and leave a 25% tip even though the service and food was not too good
Tom - Hey Matt, looks like they're asking for a $25 tip for out crappy $100 lunch
Matt - Hey, they're just guilt tipping you. Leave $10 - They're lucky to get it
by TJ2000 September 10, 2022
wanky tip comes from the word "tip"
when somebody iz ridin somebody elses dick or iz just all on them all the time iz when u use it
dawg...dat nigga be callin me all the time...dat nigga on my wanky tip
by **Jasmine** April 23, 2005
Stick your finger up your wet, sharty bum, then put that finger in your girl's ear and wiggle it a bit
Wife was NOT happy when I gave her a chocolate q-tip last night.
by zer0t3ch February 16, 2016
When an individual sticks their finger up their butthole, removes the finger, and then proceeds to stick the finger into another person's ear, and wiggle it around. Preferably after a wet fart, or shart. Similar to a wet willy.
Bobby was upset his girlfriend wouldn't put out, so he gave her a chocolate q-tip
by Mcswaggin balls February 16, 2016