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A phrase to capture the complete fullness of a total uninhibited, unabashed male erection, brought about not merely by the visual image of a sexy woman, but by her inner beauty and the deep attraction created by long distance written communication that has resulted in a deep mental connection that touches a man's inner core so intensely that his fantasies exceed his wildest imagination. The erection is felt as exceeding pressure, as though about to burst through the skin at both the tip of the penis as well as the base at the taint--the fullest erection possible in a male.
Your words are so seductive--the way you respond to me, receive and accept me so completely, and stir in me these driving fantasies that anything is possible between us and more! You've touched me so deeply and I'm so helplessly and inetensely attracted to you as I've never been to anyone before. Damn, girl, you've got me bursting erect, tip-to-taint!
by jauntyone August 04, 2010
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