1) Tombeur de femmes

2) Something you should not stay under
1) Beep

2) He's been condemned to stay 25 days under tiny's ass
by Attack July 28, 2004
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1). tiny's ass eats grass.

2). tiny's ass is small and hairy.

3). tiny's ass likes eating carrots.
by dante July 28, 2004
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Shrimp. As defined by the character Tom Haverford on the NBC television show "Parks and Recreation."
Would you like a Tiny-Ass Lobster Salad with that?
by CharlesIsMyName April 26, 2011
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usually referring to a tall and incredibly skinny male with a lack of butt.
That grant sure is a tiny ass string bean.
by buttkissin2k14 January 04, 2015
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When someone is SO thirsty for you, but they know they have no way of accessing you, because you’re totally out of their league. So, to get your attention they’ll stoop to any level and provoke you with negativity just to trigger you and get a one-time reaction or response. Because of this, they have no hope of sustaining your attention or forming a relationship with you, and their tiny taste is followed by a dismissal, ig block, or possibly more severe punitive actions.
Tiny Taster / Tiny Taster Ass Bitch:
eg: addressing a perfect stranger/follower/fan on social media:

“Oh, you gonna slide into my DMs and call me an ugly bitch? Uh huh, but you follow me and my stories tho, you tiny taster ass bitch.”
by $Vaggio$ July 06, 2021
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