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A fetish in which one partner is swallowed (whole) by the other's anus. They may or may not survive it.
"Dude I think Jessica wanted to try anal vore last night. She reverse cowgirled my face and tried to stuff me inside."
by Stanfordley Pines February 27, 2016
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Anal Vore is the activity in which one puts a living being in their' rectum.

It is a very strange fetish to say the least.

It can be found of Aryion G4, E621, Rule34 and furrafinity. (WARNING, Go to these websites at your' own risk.)

It is related to vore.
Guy 1: Wanna see some Anal Vore?


Guy 3: I like ponies *Heavy Breathing*
by Flurrie April 12, 2016
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Let's begin with an anecdote: I remember when I was two-years-old and potty training, my mom would explain to me "you push, push, push the poopie out until it goes splash!" I'm sure you have similar memories.
With anal vore, "you push, pull, and stretch until the gimp's muffled wails can be heard somewhere in the vicinity of your stomach and colon." Needless to say, no self-respecting mother would be caught dead giving such advice. 9 times out 10, it is the advice of a demon. Seek exorcism immediately if you are an anal vore.
Anal vore -

When inserting GI Joes in your ass has become mere child's play.
by RubMyButthole December 28, 2018
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