Tinky Winky is the tallest (and most noticable) Telletubby.

He is purple, with a purple triangle-shaped stem on his head. He enjoys singing, dancing, toting his pink purse, and most likely frequenting gay clubs after a hard day in Telletubby land.
Dipsy: Tinky Winky! Will you play with Laa-Laa's ball?

Tinky Winky: Dipsy, you and I both know you aren't articulate enough to form those sentences!

Dipsy: Oh... Erm, Tinky-Winky play with ball?

Tinky Winky: How about we play with two, big boy?

Dipsy: (cries)
by Joel April 13, 2005
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The gay teletubbie, he must be, what other man would be purple and carry a red handbag?
uhhhhhooooooh, tinky winky rapey up the battey...
by Benbread April 13, 2004
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Being paraniod about homosexuality and always looking to uncover it. Reading into every little thing in an effort to prove that something is gay while ignoring anything that may contradict this belief. For example, assuming a fictional creature is gay because of its skin color or fashion sense while ignoring the fact that it doesn't have genitals.
I can't believe how tinky winky the boss is. He figured I was gay just for using a purple post it.
by KJR August 12, 2005
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tinky winky is a gay teletebbie with a tinky winky
tinky winky is a right utter gay
by mrw February 14, 2005
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Gay teletubby is purple (gay pride colour)has triangle on his head (gay pride shape or symbol) has red leather handbag. each teletubby has own song his is: tinkle winkle tinky winky lala la
tinkle winkle tinky winky lala la
by jack the runt May 19, 2005
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The purple teletubby; Has a male voice and carries around a purse; Has a triangle stem on his head; normally has huge giggle fits
by Gwen Stefani Grrl December 9, 2003
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