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12 definitions by Jackie Walker

A bum, Hobo, Homeless person, Gypsies or someone who dresses scruffily.
1."Stay away from those Tinks"
2."Instead of throwing those clothes away, give them to the tinks"
3." Look at you, you look like a tink...go and get changed.
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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A hopeless homeless person.
Also someone somewhat lacking in the intellect department.
"C'mon Dave, give the poor Dossbag a bite of your filet'o'fish"
Those arent pillows you dossbag
by Jackie Walker January 18, 2005
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Descibes the way a female enthusiastically sucks and slobbers on male genitalia as if she was starring in a hardcore pornographic movie.
"Wow, suzy was really horny last night she gave me porno head!!!!"
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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A word made up by a guy I know which describes the way my Scottish ass speaks.
by Jackie Walker January 20, 2005
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When you go to your Sister in laws house for thanksgiving, and you see her lick her fingers and dip them in the stuffing to taste it, then proceeds to serve it to you as if everything was NORMAL ABOUT THIS.
"No fucking way I'm eating that spit loaded pie"
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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