Another way of sayingthings”. Commonly used by girls.
by Theboyg November 25, 2019
When you follow Fortnite on Instagram and you also have a dog for your pfp.
by Scarborough natives January 7, 2020
An automatic- or a semiautomatic rifle. Not to be confused with Ting, the MVNO that runs off of Sprint and T-Mobile.
by vincentupsdellred January 4, 2018
A way of saying hangout or place to hangout
Me and deniah need us a little ting
by Maurice Taylor October 19, 2019
Things only a high schooler with a slammed civic would do.

Synonym: ricer
Honda boi: *gets fake turbo whistle*

Honda boi: yo wassup gurl ever ride in a turbo car before?

. Honda boi tings right there bud that's a bit ricey
by XxManManxX 1234 March 6, 2021
Someone who wasn't breast fed when they were young. They drank powdered milk that was bought from a shop.
"Ethan is a milk ting, didnt get the breast milk when he was young"
Tan Hui Ting; a word used to describe the strong passion one has for mathematics.

A Mathematics Teacher who is loving and motherly, Tan Hui Ting cares a lot for her students well-being and progress in Mathematics. Often, she exclaims “Now class” and “Can class” to capture her students’ attention so as to ensure that her students are aware of shorter methods to solve math problems and they can close their learning gaps at the fastest possible rate.
Wow, I’m starting to love mathematics so much! Tan Hui Ting! Tan Hui Ting!
by nowclass2.0 October 10, 2018