An expression of surprise, amazement, pleasure, unexpectedness; or, agreement with sentiments thereof
The club was sick last night!
Yeah man, mad ting
by Random Guy 90210 April 10, 2016
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A thing (ting) that is mad. Derived from Jamaican.
Jason: yo, I can't talk right now, my rabbit died last night
Arron: ...mad ting
by Swagmobile February 07, 2014
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In America, we'd say something is "crazy" if it's unbelievable or surprising (or indeed crazy). In London, the equivalent word is "mad". As in, "He's gone mad!" or "That's absolutely mad, man!"
Just heard this song, yo! It's a MAD TING! An absolute mad ting.
by newmusicmondays March 19, 2018
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(n.) A phrase used to describe something too awesome or too difficult to understand.
"Yo, Teja too handsome, bro, issa mad ting(z)"
by Lil Nikul February 19, 2019
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