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a false accuser, attention whore, craving for attention, unpleasant, queen of liars, liar from hell
"You know Timothy Heller? Yes the one who falsely accused Melanie Martinez of sexual assault."

"Timothy Heller? Oh no a liar."
by armida May 17, 2019
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some idiot that lied about rape for clout
“Hey have you heard about Timothy Heller?”

“Yeah she’s complete and utter scum
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by ZoeyLBBH August 24, 2019
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An amazing woman. Passionate about her fans. She has one single called Sleep. She is currently going through a tough time with a situation with singer Melanie Martinez who sexually assaulted her she’s been given a lot of hate so be sure to leave something nice on her page
Timothy fans:
You’re amazing we will stick by you
Melanie Martinez fans:
You did this for fame Timothy

Timothy Heller:
I’m sorry you’re BORED and want victims to shut up about their assault but this is NOT ABOUT YOU, SIT DOWN AND BE RESPECTFUL
Timothy fans:
by Timothy’s Latte December 22, 2017
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