Used by some Filipinos unknowingly to mean "worth it"
I know it's pretty expensive, but it's worthed.
by Ben Montemayor September 26, 2007
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U need to leave and go find someone better. Ur better than them and they r worthless.
Their not worth it you can do so much better
by depressed life December 07, 2017
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adj. socialite/carefree/party girl/ditz slang for describing the act of being of some purpose to society or anything for that matter. Implicit by the grammatically erroneous nature of the word (since it's not a real word...yet) is the innocent, fun-loving naiveity that is often associate with a socialite or fun-loving party hopping individual, etc. To be worthful means to be productive, to be person of substance, for however short a period of time.

Related words: non-worthful, adj. To be non-worthful is to behave in ways that are of now value to anyone yourself included. non-worthful behavior includes drinking a 40 on a weekday morning, clubbing 5 nights a week, shopping sprees in the middle of exams, etc. etc.
Here's to another night of non-worthful partying baby!

Hey bitches, cant make dinner at Butter because i need to be worthful in the library for like 3 hours, but i'll meet up with you at aer. xoxo.

let's do something worthful for like an hour and then start drinking.
by llrb November 22, 2005
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Worth means how much something means to something 💕🥺
Worth is For example, you!! You might not think you are at a certain moment but trust you are :)) soo many people at the moment love you right now and what your going through right now will get better💕 trust me been there, done that soo don’t give up. The future has soo many good things waiting for you soo be patient and be happy ,love you sm!! ~ BY MARI
by Mari🥺 February 06, 2020
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Usually used to describe an event where bad things happened but the end result was positive. Used as a stand alone phrase.
Friend: Dude, I you totally threw up on the roller coaster!
You: Worth it!
by Blackzmyth October 10, 2007
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the value or meaning of someone or something; often used sarcastically to indicate that something has no value or meaning
emil has worth
by td0tr0y March 23, 2004
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Something or someone that has a value, whether emotional or otherwise.
He is a worthful person to me.
by twin_stacks April 25, 2013
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