a player who is nub at cs <3
timez is a nub
by wtf July 8, 2003
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timez is a person that sucks dick for fifa points
by Heokakaowoww September 22, 2017
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A Song Written By Sketch A Peaze that tells of the end of human civilization as and the Day of Judgement.

The End of the World as we know it as

the Apocalypse of Humanity and the Armageddon of The World.
Person 1: Hey That Sketch A Peaze Song is Deep Bro Called End of Timez
Person 2: Yeah Bro it's Something to Think About Everyday.

Person 1: Definitely Indeed Bro Something Real Wake Up Out of The Matrix Song Right There Bro.
by I.S Akbar February 3, 2022
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Its like when u had a great time in your life, for you example when you got a prize cuz u made(copied)your homework and got big grades :)
I had some big timez at mike's party...cool
by vRom October 19, 2007
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hey mother fucker! So today is the day that fucking holy guy was born, right?

Jay: My girlfriend says that christmas is a crock'a shit cos' nowhere in the bible does it say that the big man was born on December 25th... It's also a time to be drunk and merry!

Toekzy; yeah... thats cool i guess... alright kids, i'm gonna let you in on a little secret..READY?

Jay: i'm a herion addict, i'll probly be your next president... WAAOOOWW!!
oh boy, i can't wait til next year..04 bitches
by Jay Molotov & Toekzy McVeigh December 25, 2004
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When two distant objects perpendicularly come together to join up and flow parallel with each other for a while. Can be referred to as twin flames. Not meant to travel at the same time but get interconnected for reasons unknown. All things will be revealed in the end. Mental clarity.
Woah, did you see those two trains, I thought they were going to collide but instead they timez-oned together and chugged on the same track!
by Melarchie June 23, 2023
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