the few minutes after an orgasm in which a man feels he sees the world with a heightened clarity; as though he can see the world as it truly is, without emotions or sexual desire to cloud his view.

during this period a man decides whether his orgasm was of a prideful, shameful, or meh nature. These judgements might result from the orgasm's assistant being a bombshell, his hand, or an ogre, respectively.

anthropology: this experience may have benefited humanity's ancestors as our ancestor who became intensely aware of his surroundings after sexual intercourse would have been in a better situation/mindset to defend himself from watching or approaching carnivores than his peer who did not feel as alert
"Shut up bitch! I'm enjoying my post coital mental clarity. thank you. would you make me a samich, please?"

"Yeah bra, in my post coital mental clarity I realized what a mistake I had made by wrestling that ogre! I wore a condom though. "
by leroach January 9, 2012
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Having an clear state of mind.
I'm relaxed.
It's probably to your Mental clarity
by aslpaul3939 January 8, 2021
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