the most wonderful person alive on this planet, she is so sexy and amazing, she will make you smile always, there’s not a single word to describe how perfect she is, i love tima so much.
tima is such a pookie!
by soap6969 September 29, 2021
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Tima is one of the most caring people in the world , tima is usually a very nice and good person . Tima is a girl that gives her honest opinion about everything. Tima is a girl that loves very hard. She falls in love , and gets attached to that person , if a tima is into you stick with her she’s the best person out there .

She is very pretty, sexy, successful, caring,lovely, sociable. Tima is a happy person but deep down hides a lot of secrets that no one knows about .

As a bestfriend tima will always be there for you she would rather kill herself than see her close friends hurting , she gets attached to people very easily. When a Tima walks in all eyes are on her . You’re lucky to have a Tima in your life .
This girl is hot as fuck . She’s probably a Tima
by lisaross January 22, 2021
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A Russian guy name, also short for Timothy or Timmy. Is the sweetest guy that you will ever meet, if you have a Tima in your life keep him close to you at all times. He loves all of his friends and will care for them all and he will defend his loved ones with his life. He likes many girls but ends up not asking them out and when he does get a girlfriend he is genuine. Also has a really nice smile that can cheer people up and treats everybody nicely. He does not take shit from anybody, also he is really fast (manly because he is so skinny) and eats a lot but does not gain a single pound! Hebrew name meaning, honored by the gods. He is good in bed but way better when intoxicated (drunk). Bottom line he is the sweetest man in the world and if you do know a Tima keep him close to you and never loss him because you will regret it later on in life. :D
Wow that guy is such a Tima!

He loves his girlfriend.

keep him forever!

the sweetest guy ever!
by Steve Bernon June 22, 2012
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An acronym which stands for "tongue in my anus"
Me: I hope I can get a TIMA at that party
by Yusopp December 30, 2014
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The most amazingly kind and adorably cute guy you will ever meet. He watches anime, he's smart as well as a stunning gentleman and even a little bit shy.
Person 1: Wow isn't he a cutie?
Person 2: Yes that's Timas.
by ValkyrieLuna March 17, 2019
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An acronym that stands for "tongue in my ass."
Me: I hope I can get a TIMA at that party next week.
by Yusopp December 30, 2014
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Very precise at time
I want to be Timaful enough to know when its good go bang a girl and when not to
by Angel Sky Lai May 21, 2003
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