Prison slang for "pay attention". Can also be used to tell another inmate to stop goofing off.
"Yo man tighten up! Don't you see what's about to happen?"
by graybar hotel February 09, 2014
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1. To get your act together. 2. Don't be so loose
Mary: Sarah you should put your clothes on!
Kelly: Yea, Sarah tighten up!
Sarah: Mary you should stop takin it deep!
Kelly: Yea, Mary tighten up!
by Joe11 June 28, 2006
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To calm down / loosen up. Typically used when someone is overreacting or in general not being chill.
2. Mike: Tighten up cuz, ain't nobody pulled on yo weave.
by hastyboomalert July 10, 2012
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a command from one hallion to the next to brighten him/herself -
Well dog, whats the craic?
Feck all, just dyin here!
Rough nite last nite then?
Aye, it was raw!!!
Quit your cryin and tighten up!!
by patjoe September 27, 2012
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A state of altered consciousness induced by narcotics. Most commonly marijuana.
Michael had a Service Huddle with his friends until he got tightened-up.
by Big Mike D. January 28, 2005
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1) To work at an introductory-level tech position.
2) To attempt a feat without knowledge of how it can be done.

Phrase originates from a Westwood College commercial, in which two young videogame designers, dressed in 70s attire, report to their boss that they are "almost done with level 3, and need to tighten up the graphics a little bit."
1) "Once I move back to Arlington I'm gonna tighten up the graphics for Adobe Systems."

2) "I'm almost done with my quadratics homework, I just need to tighten up the graphics a little bit."
by denshuu August 27, 2005
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