If one is 'uncool', a cool person said, "let's do something cool" and said 'uncool person' agrees does do the cool thing he/she has "Tightened Shit Up"...
To apply liquid nitrogen to the anus prior to penetration through a gentle vapour gas expulsion with no more than twenty PSI thrust from machine of choice.
To apply polyethylene 1 1/8 clamps to each side of a vagina and penetrate with a 1 5/8 dildo, 10 inches in length... (Not healthy or recommended)
1: Footy G asked Ryan if he wanted to hit a cashier, drink some Tequila and beat up a midget. Ryan agreed; and he "tightened shit up".

2. I "tightened that shit up" on that chicks backdoor. Now the chemical sign for Nitrogen is still Ni, however now it means "Not Inside!!!"

3. My clamps barely held her meat curtains so I had to "tighten shit up" with booster cables.
by r2says February 19, 2014
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