A dark tabby tom cat from warriors. Former leader of shadowclan and used to be in Thunderclan. He is evil and murderous and always is always planning something evil. His kits are Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Mothwing and Hawkfrost. Now that he is dead he talks to Brambleclaw in his dreams and tries to make him evil and rule the whole forest.
As I said, Tigerstar had always been a great warrior. But there was a fight with Riverclan over Sunningrocks, and Tigerstar used the battle to kill Redtail, who was Thunderclan deputy then. He blamed a Riverclan warrior, but we found out what really happened

- Fireheart
by April 04, 2016
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A cat character in the book series, Warrior cats. Was an evil leader of Shadowclan who tried to bring together all of the clans and kill all of the half clan cats. Brown tabby with amber eyes.
by Mossear April 17, 2020
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Tigerstar is the closest thing to a main antagonist in the Warrior Cat franchise. He is concidered to be the evilest cat and is obsessed with his arch enemy, Firestar.
'"Because Tigerstar wants them to get a taste for cat blood," he rasped. - Firestar'
by Citris October 19, 2021
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