The name Tierra is a name that means Earth but... It means an ravenous girl that is tempered easily if she doesn't get her way, she has her goofy side and is really pretty but doesn't think so.She grabs men attention.
Jacob:Yo Look at Tierra Imma ask her out today.
Doug:Nah You Good thats my girl.
Jacob: for now.
by Shaday1234 November 21, 2017
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tierra is usally a girl that is outgoing, amazing and extremly cute and beautiful (even though she wont admit it). Shes like one of the guys but looks and acts like the perfect girl. She can be dangerous if you upset her deeply or hurt her, but when shes done with you, you will want her back because shes awesome and makes the perfect girlfriend.Also can be freaky if pushed the right way by the right guys.
guy 1: damnnn, who is that?!
guy 2: thats tierra, aint she cute?
guy 1: hells yeah! im gonna tap that
guy 2: woah, brah thats my baby!
guy 1: hell na, howd you get that lucky?!
guy 2: what can I say, Im sick. I know how to turn her on.
by #trueee_datt December 28, 2011
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A sly girl with a gorgeous smile and has a great taste in fashion. She is a men's magnet. She is the nicest person you will ever meet. And she's hot asffffff
She is such a Tierra
by tmuniz902 November 08, 2017
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Tierra is a (kind loving beautiful girl). Even though she thinks she is not. She has the most wonderful personality and is very smart. But if you get on her bad side the kindness may not exist. She is a very good writer but prefers something on the mix of (law). She has the most beautiful smile. She has the death stare who she gives to anyone who deserves it. Over all Tierra is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, she is outstanding and sometimes over going. So if you ever become bestfriends with her, just keep it real and try to hang on to her for as long as possible.
(Bryan) Is that Tierra?
(Cole) Yea thats her.

(Bryan) Dang she’s fine.

(Cole) Hey dude hands off until she is outta collenge
by Tierralovesme February 20, 2019
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