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A group of technical support agents typically more knowledgable than the average (tier one) agent. Tier two agents are in most cases, morbidly obese, unshowered, and anti-social.

Tier 2 agents are also characterized by their affinity for WoW (World of Warcraft) and mountain dew, many empty bottles of which are strewn throughout their workplace.

Tier 2 agents' weaknesses include, but are not limited to, direct sunlight and members of the opposite sex.

Tier 2 may also be used as an adjective describing anyone inherently "nerdy" in nature.
"Dude, get off the damn computer, you're being tier two-ish."
"Seriously, take a shower, you're smelling a little tier two-ey."
by lolomg July 26, 2006
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