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The word 'Tiddums' was original created by Elise Mullan. It is speculated that this was merely an outcome of a failed private schooling system.

'Tiddums' is derived from the proper word 'Diddums'
Diddums is typically used to show sympathy in a sarcastic manner.

'Tiddums' has been argued to be a legitimate word but has since been proved incorrect as it will not be found in any modern English dictionaries.

One Elise Mullan continues to believe that she can make this word catch on, but all future prospects for the blossoming young word seem bleak. It can be found upon her leavers jacket. WORN PROUDLY!
"Oh i feel sick, i think im getting a cold"
"Nawww Poor Tiddums"
by sodapaste September 21, 2008
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How sad, how unfortunate, poor you. Used in a mocking way, the correct alternative for diddums
"i think i'm getting a cold"
"awwww poor tiddums"
by sodapaste September 25, 2008
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