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1. Portion of the Human body that occurs due to undedevelopment of gluteus maximus, otherwise known as butt

2. Lack of distinction of a thigh and a butt
Her face is attractive, but she's got a real serious case of thutt.
by Sam Kim September 13, 2003
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Whenever your ass is so saggy/flat that you can't distinguish the difference between your thighs and your butt.
"Is that her ass or her thighs?" "It's just her thutt."
by aptheog April 18, 2018
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The crease at the top of the thigh and the bottom of the butt.
I had a boyfriend once, who liked my thutt.
by JessicaFawn April 17, 2006
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The region of the body where the distinction between the thighs and the butt have been eliminated. Typically found in overweight and obese individuals, though the condition may also be an unfortunate symptom of pregnancy (due to swelling of joints and tissue). Closely related to the term "cankle," it is a portmanteau of the words "thigh" and "butt."
I used to have such a well defined booty, but after my first child I'm now stuck with this awful thutt. At least my cankles have gone away.
by robrenovales August 14, 2009
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