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Hunger Thunder, when you're so hungary that your tummy rumbles with a thunderous roar
i think milan's thungering pretty hard right now, he hasnt said a word

the man entered the room in a thungerous mood

you have thunger, eat a snickers
by dagyrox June 09, 2016
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Noun: When you're so hungry, others can use the sound of your growling stomach to estimate how far away you are from them.

Possible derived adjectives:
Thungry: when you are in a state of experiencing hunger such as this.
Thungerous: denoting or resembling the noise produced by such hunger.
1) (noun) Judging from that bout of thunger, I'd say that James is in the next room.

2) (adjective) Excuse my stomach: I'm feeling a bit thungry.

3) (adjective) A thungerous growl indiciated her presence.
by Zzyzx0289 July 14, 2010
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When one's hunger roars like thunder. Can be related to the Quiet Storm, wet reeds (saxophone), and breathy mouth breath talking. Often the vocalization of the stomach near food time, but more specifically a cheesy endowment reference.
Johnny : "Hey Baby, are you ready for my thunger!"
Baby: "oh Johnny, you are so gross."
by abeanpie October 20, 2010
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