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A person who catches your eye really fast even in a huge crowd . His vibe and looks attract you .He is always there and will always make you feel safe and protected. A person with a crazy vibe who can always cheer you up and you always want to be around them. Its very lucky to have them . They capture your heart easily and try their best to keep you happy . They are a blessing.
P1 - I'm lucky to have a person like thumbi in my life.
P2 - Yes , i'm really jealous of you.
by Shavam :) May 31, 2021
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This defines the cars that thumbies drive. It is usually a Toyota corolla or vw golf. Most of these cars are found chatsworth, phoenix and merebank areas of durban. They include but are not limited to;
Vw mk1 golf ; This car is renowned for its thumbie status. Thumbies usually change the engines in these cars for 2.0l 16v/8v variants and are found at umgeni road and blue lagoon on Friday and Saturday night showing off with their friends and racing other thumbies on public roads
Toyota corolla/runx; mainly a rxi 20v / RSI 20v/Toyota gli twincam 16v / runx rsi, which are owned by majority of thumbies. These thumbies belong to car groups and are constantly arguing on who's Toyota is faster. They will go to such an extent to say that their cars beat m3s and complete the 1/4 mile in 13-14 seconds
Vw golf gti; mk5,6,7. This is a rich thumbies car, usually in the colour red or white. These thumbies are always seen with a girl in the passenger seat with gold teeth or tinted hair.
Saegren and his friends have a " Thumbie cars"
by Rahul P November 17, 2020
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sticking a thumb up a man's ass just before he climaxes
Oh girl I am about to finish, gimme a thumby!!
by Bundestag April 24, 2018
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The art of packing ones marijuana cone with three thumb packed pinches and a sprinkle to top it off
by Phill McGroin February 17, 2022
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