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Your big toe. If it is your thumb on your hand, why can't it by your thumb on your foot?
I am going to shove my thumb-toe so far up your ass....
by Duecey 2 September 11, 2008
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1. one of the terminal digits of the human foot, a part resembling a thumb in shape or position.
There is legend to suggest a condition by the name of "THUMB TOES" discovered in Australia circa November 29, 1982 exists; whereby the "big toe" or the first, innermost, largest digit of the foot sticks up and somewhat resembles a "thumbs up". While much has been documented and reported about "toe thumbs" (big toes used in place of severed thumbs, usually as a result of abattoir/shopping related incidents), the THUMB TOE phenomenon still largely remains a mystery. Is it the next stage of evolution? Are humans to end up with thumbs as every digit on both our hands AND our feet? Only time will tell. The only thing we know for certain is stock in havaianas is sure to go up.
by TheEggThatWalks August 15, 2010
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the condition one sustains following having his thumb bitten off by a whimpering dog.
I'm serious. If you dont stfu ill give you thumb toe!
by shooter August 03, 2005
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